Friday, February 12, 2010

Planted Aquarium

- So I have made a decision to grow live aquatic plants in my 30 Gal. tank. That is indeed a great decision for two reasons...
 + The beauty that live plants provide...
 + And the improved health of an aquarium that the live plants provide with proper care.
- Not only I find that my aquarium takes on a more natural look, but I also find that my fish behave in a more natural manner. At this point I am going to assume that I already have the basics on keeping tropical fish and are adapt to the basics of maintaining an aquarium. What I intend to do here is fill in the blanks to give myself the best start to growing beautiful plants for that aquarium.
- My theme is from a dead bonsai, tried to create what I have lost. I used Flame moss for the Tree top; Baby tears and Hair-grass  for the foreground; Cryte, Blyxa, Vals for the back and java moss around the driftwood.

Aquarium: 36"x14"x14" - 30Gal.
Lighting: NA Lamp 96W, turned on 10 hours per day
Filter: Rena X3
Substrate: Aqua Soil, Black Beauty Sand.
CO2: Glass diffuser, 3 bubbles per second.
Water change: 1/3 once a week
Water quality: Temperature: 75°F; pH: 6.5; TH: 20 mg/l, NO2: < 0.02 mg/l; NO3: < 1mg/l; COD: 4mg/l


- Day one - Feb 8th, 2010
  + Cloudy, I do water change every other day.

- One of my friend suggested not plant in clumps. I should thin the bushes up and spread them out. I took his advise and did thin and spread them out, will update in one week.


  1. Nice piece of driftwood!
    You might already know or might not but do the search for Takashi Amano. He is world renowned aquascaper. Also check out Dutch type aqua planted tank.
    Enjoys your new plant tank. There will be lots of work laying ahead, hehe...

  2. Thanks, Buddy.
    I do know him and will check out what you suggested.
    You're right, This new hobby takes alot of time and demands: fertilizers, water tests, water changes, trimming, replanting, rinse filter every other week, and scrapping crusted algae off glass. For my fish, all I do is feed and change water.